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RE: Would you people quit your job if you could somehow earn the same amount of money each month but from a different source?

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I'm currently a full time content creator. All my reveneue is generated from the content I make. Thankfully I discovered decentralised social platforms at a crucial time in my life. I have a degree in insurance and have considered getting a day door. However, insurance is highly underrated in this part of the world (labour is undervalued here due to the excessive supply of it). My girlfriend who happens to work for an insurance company earns less than $100 per month and I kid you not. She has been promised a staff contact which would see her salary go up to $300--still very poor. So when I consider these factors there is not motivation to get a day job. Could rather continue creating content while I learn new skills. Recently started learning web development. So I will say this pays more. I love the freedom.

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I love the freedom

Oh I love freedom too bud. And I feel ya. Why spend 1/3 if not more of your life working so that someone else gets rich while you can control your fate?

I keep telling that to myself...

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