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RE: Is it too late to invest in BTC or in any alt?

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To late ?

To late?!

I hear this all the time. Every single week
And these words turn me ON. Turn me mad.

In fact , there is no such thing as "to late". Not at all.
Or do you really think todays prices will start suddenly stagnant, and/or keep growing (if ever) at modest 1-2% per year ?

Yes timing is important. Early bird catch the worm !

There is though a one significant difference:
The longer you still wait, and the later you step into cryptos, the LONGER you might need to wait, to really benefit from it.

If you are not very young, and/or you will wait another 5 or 10 years - the odds and chances to benefit moves dramatically from you.
Moves to your children and grandchildren. Things take time. Things slow down.
Days of 10000x or 1000x's are gone, gone forever.

Is this the only gains levels what makes you interested?


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Just to quote something from the post in case you've missed it

So the question is: Is it too late to invest in BTC or in any alt? And the answer is NO. It's never too late to invest in Bitcoin nor in alts that have real life use cases and solve more problems than the ones they create...

Personally I am here for the long run. I ain't very young nor too old...late 30s actually and I am pretty sure that those 1000x runs are gone forever. Been here 3+ years, stagnant years in terms of returns and I ain't going anywhere...

So I guess you have your answer. I am not in a hurry nor I expect to become millionaire overnight either... it was a rhetorical question to make people think rather that being discouraged by current prices.

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