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RE: Are You In Crypto To Get Rich or For The Freedom(and decentralization)?

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I think by now over 90% of the market participants are only active in this market for monetary reasons. Be it on Hive, on Reddit, in the DeFi area or as far as all the NFTs are concerned. I think that the visionaries who believe in creating a system that serves society (not the other way around) are vanishingly small and their share of the total is constantly dwindling. That's normal somewhere.

I found it quite interesting to watch interviews with people who initially hoped for a decentralised internet, a "freedom of information", and in retrospect draw the drastic conclusion that they have achieved nothing in this direction. Just look at the big players. Google is enough to give you an idea for this statement.

At the moment, you can take a look at the BSC. All these projects that are starting up - what's the core of it? To make money. No one is interested in the fact that the entire decision-making power within the network is in the hands of Binance. Some still celebrate it as a "big step in the right direction". Look at Safemoon, go to Reddit. What's it about? Money. It's a game.

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True, the bigger percentage is now concentrating on money.
I saw Safemoon and now Shibu Inu and guess what such projects make also want to ape in them so that I can make a quick back though I am here for the long run.

I am being tempted to tap into that money to, if you have ideas let me know...

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