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RE: The Argument Over Bitcoins Value

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Good thoughts! "Stored energy", yes. I always thought, electricity can´t be stored easily, but apparently all were wrong :)
But the best argument doesn´t help, if people are brainwashed since decades. Some are not open for arguments, sadly.


Yeah and how does electricity have value? If we can't touch or taste it like they make the arguments about? all elements aren't measured by what you can hold in your hand, it's such a silly argument. Energy comes in all forms, Bitcoin is just another form of stored energy, like all money has been over time.

I don't try to convince people, i only do what I think is best for me and keep my trap shut

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You can´t touch or taste radioactivity, so therefore it shouldn´t harm you, right? The same lame argument :)

LOL well if people think that I would encourage them all to go visit Chernobyl

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