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RE: The Danger From The Likes Of Facebook

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Facebook is past.

The thing is many people still don’t know it.


Yeah, none of the kids use it. The ones in my life tend to speak of it as a dinosaur... grandma's social media. None the less all the so called adults I know are on it and seem to be willing to cling on to the bitter end. Everyone I know would have to be banned from Facebook in order to even consider moving to another platform. Even after I tell them you get paid for upvotes on Hive. It's like they don't even hear me...

That is true yet the kids are into Instagram which is owned by FB.

So same thing, just different application.

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Damn it, I forgot about that. Their reach knows no boundaries. We’re doomed.

Actually they are not. The social media app might be headed to passe but the company is not, at this point, heading to non-relevance.

Zuckerberg is a lot of things but stupid isnt one of them. He understands where things are going PLUS he is knowing of how to leverage that.

That is what makes them dangerous.

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Suckabegs handlers are evil geniuses, but the boy himself is a mindless actor like elon musk