Managing @spinvest-leo voting power.

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I wanted to outline how the VP of the Spinvest-Leo account is being managed now. This could be helpful for others looking to curate in multiple tribes without wanting multiple accounts.

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When Tribes first arrived - the main path people took was to set up alt-accounts to participate in each tribe seperately. Recently, I was thinking about that, and recalling that there was an alternative way. A google search led me to this post by @abh12345 which led me to the economicstudio page for this account

I have since also found a more recent, excellent post from @trincowski which covers this tool really well. I won't go over the same information again, @trincowski's article really covers it well so I'll defer to him.

Since starting using this tool a bit over a week ago, I have been able to increase the token earnings noticeably. The next income report out on tuesday will show that we are now earning and recording 5 different tribe tokens from @spinvest-leo, without impacting our LEO earnings at all.

Most of the niche tribes, I have set the upvote to a 10X multiple. This means a 10% upvote will deliver a 100% vote with that token. Neoxian and PAL have a small % as nearly every vote given has one or both of these tags. I set LEO to a multiplier of 2X and then halved the vote weights in the autovoter settings. This means we use 1/2 the Steem vote to deliver the same LEO vote, and can happily vote other tribes with a 10X multiplier.


In the above image, the first highlighted part is the account name - change that to the account you want to manage. The second part is the tokens - change it to whatever you want - Token names, not tags. If you want to change the multiplier, simply put 1 token only in there:


Simply change the multiplier by clicking the blue text highlighted at the bottom of the page (see example above)

Then you are done - bookmark the page or pages you need for fine tuning or adjusting later, and you can now much more effectively manage the voting power of many tribe tokens from one account.

Spinvest-Leo's current VP:


If you have not heard of @spinvest-leo before, what we do is accept delegations of LEO power, and pay a weekly passive return with SPI (spinvest) tokens. The return is calculated on 1 SPI per 1000 LEO delegated per week. Any amount over 10 LEO can be delegated, for a weekly payout. The main @spinvest account transfers it's LEO earnings to us for now to assist the growth of this account. The asset base we are building here from surplus earnings above the mining payouts are added to the Spinvest asset base, increasing the value of the tokens you earn.

Thanks to everyone supporting this program, especially the delegators: (please check your wallets to ensure the payouts have been made correctly, this is all processed manually and I am human :-)). Don't forget, when making a delegation, please DO NOT put the @ sign in, it leads to sinkholes appearing everywhere (or at least the delegation doesn't work).

@jk6276.leo, @shanibeer, @bucipuci, @oldmans, @preparedwombat, @underground, @silverstackeruk, @tbnfl4sun, @qam2112, @melinda010100, @no-advice, @welshstacker, @crypticat, @ronaldoavelino, @conradsuperb, @sames, @metzli, @davedickeyyall, @mytechtrail, @elbrava, @lammbock, @ecoinstant, @silvertop, @elizabethbit, @banjocat, @cochiti, @coreyb, @cottonlion, @wapitielk, @steemitcuration, @yonnathang, @dera123, @invest2learn, @ecoinstats.

New delegations, or increased delegations always welcomed. You can delegate any amount, however 9 LEO would be the minimum to receive a weekly payout. If these are you first SPI tokens, feel free to ask any questions and check out @spinvest for more information.

Supporting the following accounts will support the Spinvest tokens growth:

@spinvest - the main account.
@spinvest-leo - this account.
@spinvest-votes - separate account to coordinate club member votes on a regular basis.
@spinvest-neo - Account for NEOXAG delegations.

JK - aka @jk6276, @jk6276.leo and other similarly named accounts :)

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Thanks for mentioning my article! 😉

No worries - I found it after I had started work on this but it was still very useful.

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You have been a busy boy hard at work i can see. This is a great post and the screenshot really helps to understand it much easier.

I did a quick holding report yesterday and can see that your other tribe holdings have increased by quite a lot over the past week so this seems to be working a charm. Keep up the fantastic work my friend and thank you for the efforts and value you are adding to SPinvest

Income for this week will be up, and next week will be better again. :-)


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Very Nice! I will be applying this same rationale to the @sponvest-neo acct. ASAP!

Thank You JK/LION!


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Sponvest-neo - that's a new one ;-)

It is working.

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I am very happy to see such a professional way to upvote tokens and very happy to know that @spinvest-neo will follow your example.

Thanks @ronaldoavelino - your support right from the start has been noted and is very much appreciated - onwards and upwards in 2020.

Gonna try this trendo thing - never used it till now.


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