RE: The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Show Up & Engage...Is It That Simple?

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The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Show Up & Engage...Is It That Simple?

in hive-100421 •  2 months ago  (edited)

I am curious... for example... why would you think I had so little engagement in this post here:

Critics, feedback, appreciated. I mean, I wanna understand if its because of timing or because the content is to heavy or something else.

I know other users face the same problem. And myself, I am not a big deal... but since you usually provoke the engagement, I thought to ask this here.

And, whenever I see a great post and share it, I really wished people would have more interaction with it. Feels like what I imagined about "real time engagement" is still under "evolution".

I will keep working towards it, but that is a big barrier to mass adoption if not conquered.

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I've yet to master the 'best time' to post on Hive...But I seem to get less later in the evening (North American time)...But that being said, I'll post whenever I get the article or video done :)

For your post, that's a TON of information and I guarantee it'll have much more 'legs' and higher engagement the longer it exists. Things like that are what I call 'stock' pieces of content....So they have staying power and may not get the people commenting in bulk...Yet.

For my stuff, the majority of it is what I call 'flow' content...So the majority of it is bite sized chunks, around 500 words...But people can usually digest my articles quickly and get the main points right away.

I'm no pro-author, but I seem to find much more engagement when I keep things super simple.

That being said, I have been hammering the point home about engaging and rewarding engaging on my blog since I started on the blockchain. Took me at least a year of posting every day to get 5-10 comments...

The sweet science of it, in my opinion is...Ask for the engagement, reward your readers and always try to make it fun :)

Hope this helps. Awesome questions man!

Chilling on that feedback... that's engagement! =) Yeah... I feel what you mean. Great to acknowledge. I always reward great engagement when it is either to my liking or with great information for the community.

I used to do polls more often and thanks everyone with a little reward. But later life has been quite busy (especially during knockdown 😎 😆 🤘 ).

Thanks a lot for that answer.

For sure man, appreciate the question for sure...

I think this engagement thing takes time, develop a relationship with the community and then people will gravitate towards the creators they enjoy.

But if people don't feel valued, they'll disappear quick.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Indeed... I know it takes time. And I have been around for too long to know that. Although I understand that if you keep jumping around like me, exploring everywhere, it does not build that engagement relationship... shame on me 🤣 ... I am an explorer.

When you enjoy learning... everything... you sort of loose the sense of value. Because everything is valuable, and you have no reference. You are just a black-hole of knowledge!

I was never a truly "make noise to get noticed" kind of guy, which eventually gets people attention... but I guess it serves the point of being where I am.

Eventually things pick up and the time and dedication this community requires to be a top leader is really astonishingly valuable in my view. It's just a matter of time.

Thanks for the appreciation and that kind motivation 😎, not for the money, but for the message... Need to grab people like you around to find some strength to continue spending like 500% more value of life in here than in stuff I could get 3000% more money for. Crazy? probably... but that's how hobbies start.

Lastly, it's all about transparency and freedom of speech with the right amount of public content control and unlimited knowledge learning community. That's the kind of "the thing" that keeps me here on #HIVE (previously on the other side too).