You Should Be Making Long term, Mid Term and Short Term Goals and Challenges

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In today's video I talk about making goals and trying to keep it challenging but attainable.

Today is day #97 of the I Am Alive Challenge for me.

I found Luke after a quick run around Listopia today. #LukeIsAlive

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There is something you want to achieve in a short period of time. And there are long terms goals that need a lot of time. If you see that for the short term, it might not make any sense. But in the long term, it makes the perfect sense.


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Thanks Mike for such a motivation video!
I have been feeling a bit out of sorts and a bit lost in my goals lately but now I'm going to try your weekly Monday goal making list- starting tomorrow! Such a good idea- especially on Mondays, it' like turning over of a new leaf...

Anyway., I hope that you don't have Covid and good luck with the actual test, My flatmate and I got ours done last week and both negative thankfully, but the test hurt! Not so much my throat. I was ok with that but my flatmate choked everywhere and it triggered off an asthma attack for her...I just nearly flew up into the rafters from the stick going up my nose- it felt like a drill going up into my brain.

Anyway, great video and thanks so much for that hit of reality!

Take care and speak soon. 😀

So happy that I could motivate you, I don't know how people make it in business and even life without setting some kind of goals. Hope you set some good goals and work hard to achieve them. Thanks for you comment.

I've always got goals- A million of them, I just need to remind myself to keep being more organised with them! Lol...😀
With the goals that everyone is talking about, it seems that they are only referring to specific goals to do with the whole hive blockchain, but I'm a little perplexed as to how they decide on what goals to list and how they are reachable.

I just watched Flaxz talking about reaching a certain amount of hive power, but I guess that I don't understand the way that the tokens/hp/hbd are even costed and really, I can't even articulate the questions that I have about the whole hive payment thing. For example. I vote 100% but yet it seems like I'm only giving people 0.0001. To me, that's not 100%... so you can see my confusion (still) and the reluctance to do anything, or even join other challenges/ctptalk.🙃

And don't get me wrong, I read as much as I can find on this, but that info- as good as it was, still doesn't answer the more intricate questions that have.

Anyhooo, lets talk about hospo shall we. What do you do in the restaurant?
Where are you working? Maybe I've been there. You never know....😀


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Thanks for the mention, Mike!

And thanks for an interesting chat about goals... I always use goals to motivate myself to push more... Actually, I can't imagine how could I do something without goals? And also, doing long, mid and short-term goals is the way to go!

Thanks again!

I agree I would have trouble motivating myself also without making goals. Breaking them up into chunks makes your long term goals more attainable, its easier to have the small achievements to reach the larger ones.


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@maddogmike - Tipping General

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Great job finding Luke 5 times and completing the Scavanger Hunt @maddogmike, and great video about goals and how to reach them.

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Well done keeping up your engagement Mike, and interesting features.

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Goal planning is really important.

Having goals gives you a better sense of accomplishment and a target to work until completion. I don't know how people have any success without some kind of goals.

Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Mike, and nice advice about goals.

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Thanks for the video on goals. I like the reminder to just write them down. I use to do this daily, it was my To do list.